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ADR transport documents (properties of the dangerous goods and checklists) are easily prepared.

You can keep pace with legislative amendments.

You can manage the entire process of dangerous goods, hazardous chemicals and waste transportation. All you have to do is to designate the goods and/or waste and the carriers, suppliers and receivers you use, once.

Use the databases developed by DGRoute to expeditiously prepare transport certificates.

The documentation and professional management of dangerous goods, hazardous chemicals and hazardous waste DGRoute is quick and easy to use.

Every feature of the program has been designed to provide the fastest, easiest and the most practical service.

DGRoute enables you to easily prepare technical documents such as transport documents and checklists for dangerous goods.

DGRoute also saves time, by helping you to manage your customers, centers and company groups.

You are easily able to document and manage goods and deliveries.

You are able to manage the centers, products and waste in your company, and easily create documentation for incoming and outgoing dangerous goods.

It helps you to estimate the most profitable exemption to facilitate your transportation activities.

It this way, it greatly simplifies the work of company leaders and the safety advisors responsible for the transport, storage and handling of dangerous goods, hazardous chemicals and waste.

Whenever you require our technical support, the only thing you will need is an internet browser and internet connection. The program always offers users the most up-to-date adjustments.

Software document management has data analysis and data transfer properties.

It can be used both on desktop computers and mobile devices. Its user interface has been designed to be compatible with almost all screen sizes.

Even if the screen is small, such as in a smart phone, it automatically fits to the screen.

DGRoute has been specially designed for Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors.

It facilitates the work of dangerous goods safety advisors or experts in dangerous goods producing and transporting companies.

Quickly access and analysis your data.

Easily search and change your data.

You can access and search any data, such as substances, wastes and deliveries, in the form of tables.

You can perform data analyses and make detailed searches. For example, through data analysis, you can check the dangerous goods amount sent to a specific receiver according to the classification and packaging group.

You can share ADR 2017 Written Instructions, Safety Data Sheets, Certificates and other documents with your customers.

You can easily upload documents to the program and share them with your customers.

When defining dangerous goods and hazardous wastes, the data (UN code, flashpoint, amounts, etc.) on dangerous goods is only entered once. And when a delivery departs or arrives, you only have to enter the number of packages being transported.

The system acquires all the necessary information from the database, such as hazard labels and transportation specifications.

You can keep an account of dangerous goods or hazardous chemicals intake and prepare the documents for the delivery of uncleaned empty packages.

You can keep an account of dangerous goods intake and then check and export this data. In this way, you can prepare annual activity reports much more easily.

License Types

Company License: This type of license has been designed for companies employing a Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor, responsible for the preparation and management of documents relating to dangerous goods.

Consultant License: This type of license assists Dangerous Goods Consulting Firms in the easy management of their customers and goods.

Licenses are granted to the users in your company. Consultants can follow up the operations of the companies that are assigned to them. The Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor can follow up on the operations of companies to which it provide services from a single point and prepare company-based annual activity reports.

The system is updated in accordance with the changing regulations.

An unlimited number of deliveries, documents and users.

Simultaneous connection for as many users as the number of licenses purchased.

Preparation of transportation documents in full.

Automatic creation of transport documents complying with Transportation Category, Limited Quantity and Exceptional Quantity exemptions once the requirements have been met.

Automatic identification of the checklists of the criteria for loading and offloading activities, the equipment on the vehicle and labels and indications.

Automatic document creation for the dispatch of empty packages and vehicles.

Management and distribution of Safety Data Sheets.

Following up of the staff training.

Management of goods and waste in the database.

Preparation of transportation documents in full.

Simultaneous analysis of the goods dispatched and received from different locations.

Export of data to different file formats.

Connection management (senders, carriers, receivers, suppliers and drivers).