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Safety Data Sheet Alignment Service

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Turkish Safety Data Sheet Alignment Service

The current regulation issued by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization requires the preparation of the Safety Data Sheets in the Turkish language, by persons certified by the accredited certification bodies.

This requires the preparation of Safety Data Sheets in compliance with the current regulations in the Turkish language for hazardous substances and mixtures produced in our country, as well as for those imported and introduced to the market, or those used in their own production; which means a literal translation into Turkish is not acceptable for the Safety Data Sheets of imported hazardous chemicals to supply them to the market.

The aim is to ensure the recalculation of hazards and risks relating to the relevant substance and mixture in accordance with the current Turkish legislation, as well as the effective control and monitoring of their potentially adverse effects on human health and the environment.

Alignment of the Safety Data Sheets for imported hazardous chemicals to current Turkish legislation is the responsibility of importer companies.

It covers not only those chemicals that are introduced to the market but also any hazardous chemicals that are imported to be used for their own production.

The Safety Data Sheets of imported hazardous chemicals, prepared in Turkish language pursuant to current regulations, are requested for the applications to ISGUM (Presidency of Occupational Health and Safety Research and Development Institute) control certificate, biocidal license of the Ministry of Health, TITCK’s (Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency) cosmetics importation license and other government agency licenses. 

The license applications of hazardous materials for which the Safety Data Sheets are incompatible with current regulations are rejected.

Route Software and Consultancy provides Safety Data Sheet alignment services in compliance with Turkey’s current regulations and with our expert staff holding TURKAK approved Safety Data Sheet Preparation certificates and Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA) certificates approved by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime and Communications.