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KKDIK Regulation (Turkish REACH) Compliance Services



Compliance to KKDIK (Turkish REACH Regulation) (O.G. – 30105 – 23 June 2017)                                                                                                                                  



KKDIK Regulation is the Turkish REACH implementation. The process and implementation is quite similar with the EU REACH Regulation, but for sure there are some nuances. Regulation was published on the date 23 June 2017.

The scope of this regulation covers all substances above 1 mta that are either manufactured locally or being imported in to Turkey either on their own or within a mixture.

Also the substances that are exempt from the EU REACH Regulation (due to Annex IV & Annex V) are as well exempt from KKDIK too.


The critical points are in this regulation:


The pre-registration for the substances was started as of 23.12.2017 and will end as of 31.12.2020


The registration phase will start as of 1.1.2021 and will end as of 31.12.2023.

There is no separation of registration deadlines depending on the annual volume or classification of the substances.

The polymers are exempt from registration. But the monomers used for manufacturing the polymers have to be registered with the same definition and same provisions of EU REACH Regulations.

As the pre-registrations/registrations to the KKDIK can only be submitted by Turkish Legal entities, companies that are exporting chemicals to Turkey can appoint an OR in order to support their importers in Turkey to comply with this regulation and to keep their CBI safe.

Exemptions from the scope of that regulation are listed under the annexes to the regulation and can be summarised as:

Substances with an annual average below 1 mta.

Substances that are covered by Annex IV & V of EU REACH. cli

Substances in transit provided that they don’t undergo a process.

Polymers (but not the monomers used for manufacturing the polymers).

ROUTE provides the below listed services for your company and your importers to comply with


  • OR Service (Only Representative)

  • Scope identification

  • Pre-registration & Registration of substances

  • Translation of the Robust Study Reports, CSR, Chemical Safety assessment reports in to Turkish

  • Services to be covered by a Certified Chemical Safety Assessment Experts

  • Compilation of SDS & e-SDS compliant to KKDİK

  • General and company specific Regulatory training

  • Third Party Representative Services and/or acting as a Trustee.

  • Outsourced support to the Regulatory teams of companies.